Electrical, Mechanical & General Maintenance works:
We provide all Electromechanical and General Maintenance works such as: Lighting, Panel Boards, Installations, Synchronizations, UPS, Sound, TV, Videophone, Access Door, Generators, Low Voltage, Elevators, HVAC, Fridge, Cold Rooms, Chiller, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Laundry, Washing Machines, Industrial and Residential Equipment ...
Cleaning services & Janitorial Works:
We are specialized in Hi-Rise Window Cleaning, Carpet / Hard Floor Care, Pest Control, Pressure Washing, Insecticides, Painting, Carpenter Works, Landscaping...
Security Services:
Our bodyguards are highly qualified for their special tasks. They have organizational skills as well as experience in managing security projects. When you hire us, we make the best possible match between your special requirements and the skills of our team.
Suitcases & Bags Wrapping machine:

We are proud to announce that we have provided a wrapping service for all your suitcases and luggage at The Beirut International Airport. This service protects your luggage from any destruction that might be caused to them during your trip.